partitioned part of a building

1) to rent a room from

2) to let (BE), let out (BE), rent, rent out (AE) a room to

3) to book (BE), reserve a room

4) an adjoining; back; baggage (AE); banquet room; bathroom; bedroom; board; changing (BE), dressing; common (BE); dining; double; drawing, front (BE), living, sitting; family; game, recreation, rumpus (AE); guest; locker; lumber (BE), storage; reading room; showroom; single; spare; utility; waiting room

5) (in a hospital) a delivery; emergency (AE); hospital; operating (esp. AE; BE prefers operating theatre); private; recovery; semiprivate room

6) a ladies', powder; men's (AE); rest (AE) room; (BE; euphemism) the smallest room ('the room with the toilet')

7) a furnished; rented room; (a) room to let (now BE)


8) to make room for

9) to occupy, take up room

10) headroom; legroom

11) (in a theater) standing room only

12) room for (there is room for another bed)

13) room to + inf. (the children have room to play)


14) room for (there is no room for doubt)

USAGE NOTE: In the US, a bathroom usu. contains a toilet, sink, and bathtub or shower. In GB, it must contain a bath or shower and may have a toilet and washbasin. In CE, a cloakroom is a place in a public building where coats, umbrellas, etc. may be left temporarily. In GB, it can also denote a small room on the ground floor of a house near the front door; this room often contains a toilet and a place for hanging coats.
* * *
banquet room
reading room
rent out (AE) a room to
rented room
reserve a room
rest (AE) room
semiprivate room
take up room
waiting room
(BE; euphemism) the smallest room ('the room with the toilet')
baggage (AE)
men's (AE)
rumpus (AE)
changing (BE)
common (BE)
front (BE)
let out (BE)
lumber (BE)
operating (esp. AE; BE prefers operating theatre)
(a) room to let (now BE)
(in a hospital) a delivery
(in a theater) standing room only
['partitioned part of a building'] to rent a room from
['space'] to make room for
a furnished
a ladies'
an adjoining
to occupy
to book (BE)
to let (BE)
room to + inf. (the children have room to play)
room for (there is room for another bed)

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