1) to demonstrate, display prowess

2) athletic; military prowess

3) prowess in

* * *
display prowess
military prowess
to demonstrate
prowess in

Combinatory dictionary. 2013.

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  • Prowess — Prow ess, n. [OF. proece, proesce, F. prouesse. See {Prow}, a.] Distinguished bravery; valor; especially, military bravery and skill; gallantry; intrepidity; fearlessness. Chaucer. Sir P. Sidney. [1913 Webster] He by his prowess conquered all… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • prowess — [n1] ability, skill accomplishment, address, adeptness, adroitness, aptitude, attainment, command, deftness, dexterity, excellence, expertise, expertness, facility, genius, mastery, readiness, sleight, talent; concept 630 Ant. inability, weakness …   New thesaurus

  • prowess — I (ability) noun adeptness, adroitness, cleverness, competence, competency, craft, deftness, dexterity, excellence, expertise, expertness, facility, finesse, know how, mastership, mastery, proficiency, skill, skillfulness, virtuosity, wizardry II …   Law dictionary

  • prowess — late 13c., prouesse, from O.Fr. proece (Fr. prouesse), from prou, variant of prud brave, valiant, from V.L. *prodem (Cf. Sp. proeza, It. prodezza; see PROUD (Cf. proud)). Prow was in M.E. as a noun meaning advantage, profit, also as a related adj …   Etymology dictionary

  • prowess — *heroism, valor, gallantry Analogous words: bravery, boldness, audacity, intrepidity (see corresponding adjectives at BRAVE): *courage, mettle, spirit: strength, might, puissance, *power …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • prowess — ► NOUN 1) skill or expertise in a particular activity or field. 2) bravery in battle. ORIGIN Old French proesce, from prou valiant …   English terms dictionary

  • prowess — [prou′is] n. [ME < OFr prouesse < prou: see PROW2] 1. bravery; valor 2. superior ability, skill, etc …   English World dictionary

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  • prowess — [[t]pra͟ʊɪs[/t]] N UNCOUNT Someone s prowess is their great skill at doing something. [FORMAL] He s always bragging about his prowess as a cricketer... The best and the brightest pupils competed to demonstrate their intellectual prowess …   English dictionary

  • Prowess — This was an essential quality of a knight, being a combination of skill with both daring and valour. Such a skill was both developed and demonstrated at tournaments, whether in the *melee or in single combat on foot with a sword or jousting.… …   Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases

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