1) to exert, place, put pressure on smb.

2) to bring pressure to bear on smb.

3) to build up, increase (the) pressure

4) to feel pressure

5) to ease, relieve (the) pressure

6) to face; resist pressure (to resist pressure from extremist groups)

7) inexorable, intense, maximum, relentless, strong, unrelieved pressure

8) financial; outside; parental; peer; population; public pressure (to resist public pressure)

9) air; blood; oil; water pressure

10) (esp. meteorology) atmospheric; barometric; high; low pressure

11) pressure builds up, increases, rises; eases, falls

12) pressure for (pressure for tax reform)

13) pressure from (to face inexorable pressure from the media)

14) under pressure (under relentless pressure)


v. (AE)

1) (D; tr.) to pressure into (to pressure smb. into doing smt.)

2) (H) to pressure smb. to do smt.

* * *
increase (the) pressure
low pressure
put pressure on smb.
relieve (the) pressure
unrelieved pressure
water pressure
public pressure (to resist public pressure)
resist pressure (to resist pressure from extremist groups)
(H) to pressure smb. to do smt.
(esp. meteorology) atmospheric
to bring pressure to bear on smb.
to build up
to ease
to exert
to face
to feel pressure
pressurebuilds up
pressure from (to face inexorable pressure from the media)
(AE) (D; tr.) to pressure into (to pressure smb. into doing smt.)
under pressure (under relentless pressure)
pressure for (pressure for tax reform)

Combinatory dictionary. 2013.

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