party to (party to an arrangement)

social gathering

1) to arrange, give, have, throw; host a party for

2) to attend; crash a party

3) a birthday; Christmas; cocktail; coming-out; dinner; farewell; garden; going-away; lavish; New Year's Eve; pajama, slumber; singles; stag; surprise; tea party

4) a party breaks up (the party broke up at midnight)

5) at a party (we had a good time at the party)

political organization

6) to establish, form a party

7) to break up, disband, dissolve a party

8) a centrist; communist; conservative; labor; left-wing; liberal; majority; minority; political; populist; progressive; radical; reactionary; right-wing; ruling; socialist; splinter party; the party in power



9) an aggrieved; disinterested; innocent; third party

10) the interested parties

11) a party to (a lawsuit)

12) (misc.) the party of the first, second part

group sent on a mission

13) a boarding; landing; raiding; rescue; search; stretcher; surveying party

* * *
New Year's Eve
crash a party
dissolve a party
form a party
host a party for
second part
splinter party
surveying party
tea party
the party in power
third party
(misc.) the party of the first
['group sent on a mission'] a boarding
['participant'] ['litigant'] (legal) an aggrieved
['political organization'] to establish
['social gathering'] to arrange
a birthday
a centrist
the interested partyies
to attend
to break up
a party to (a lawsuit)
a party breaks up (the party broke up at midnight)
at a party (we had a good time at the party)
['participating'] party to (party to an arrangement)

Combinatory dictionary. 2013.

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