1) to emit, give, let out a guffaw

2) aloud guffaw

* * *
let out a guffaw
a loud guffaw
to emit

Combinatory dictionary. 2013.

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(boisterous or loud),

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  • Guffaw — Guf*faw , n. A loud burst of laughter; a horse laugh. A hearty low guffaw. Carlyle. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • guffaw — [n] burst of laughter belly laugh, deep laugh, howl, howling, laughter, loud laugh, roar, shout, shriek, snort; concepts 77,185 …   New thesaurus

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  • guffaw — [[t]gʌfɔ͟ː[/t]] guffaws, guffawing, guffawed 1) N COUNT A guffaw is a very loud laugh. [mainly WRITTEN] He bursts into a loud guffaw. 2) VERB To guffaw means to laugh loudly. [mainly WRITTEN] As they guffawed loudly, the ticket collector arrived …   English dictionary

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  • guffaw — noun Etymology: imitative Date: 1720 a loud or boisterous burst of laughter • guffaw intransitive verb …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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