emotional reaction

1) to arouse, stir up feeling


2) to develop a feeling for (to develop a feeling for classical music)


3) to express; show one's feelings

4) to experience, have a feeling

5) to harbor feelings (to harbor warm feelings of friendship towards smb.)

6) to hide, mask; repress one's feelings

7) to lose feeling (he lost all feeling in his foot)

8) a deep, strong; eery, strange; friendly, tender, warm; gloomy, sad; hostile; intangible; intense; queasy; satisfied; sick; sinking; sneaking; uneasy feeling

9) (colloq.) a gut ('instinctive') feeling

10) one's innermost, intimate; pent-up feelings

11) hard feelings (we have no hard feelings) ('we are not angry')

12) a feeling that + clause (I had an eery feeling that I had been there before)


13) definite; strong feelings (we have strong feelings about this matter)

14) popular feeling (popular feeling was running against the president)

15) feelings about, on (to have definite feelings on a subject)


16) to hurt smb.'s feelings

17) delicate, sensitive feelings


18) a feeling that + clause (I had a feeling that she would show up)

* * *
have a Feeling
pent-up Feelings
repress one's Feelings
sensitive Feelings
show one's Feelings
stir up Feeling
uneasy Feeling
on (to have definite Feelings on a subject)
strong Feelings (we have strong Feelings about this matter)
(colloq.) a gut ('instinctive') Feeling
['attitude'] ['opinion'] definite
['emotional reaction'] to arouse
['sensitivity'] to hurt smb. 's Feelings
['sentiment'] ['sensation'] to express
a deep
one's innermost
to experience
to hide
Feelings about
hard Feelings ('we are not angry'; we have no hard Feelings)
['premonition'] a Feeling that + clause (I had a Feeling that she would show up)
a Feeling that + clause (I had an eery Feeling that I had been there before)
to lose Feeling (he lost all Feeling in his foot)
popular Feeling (popular Feeling was running against the president)
['appreciation'] to develop a Feeling for (to develop a Feeling for classical music)
to harbor Feelings (to harbor warm Feelings of friendship towards smb.)

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