military unit consisting of several platoons

1) to command a company (a captain commands a company)

2) to deploy; form a company

3) a cannon; headquarters; infantry company


4) to keep (smb.) company; to seek smb.'s company

5) to part company with

6) (good) company for (the children were good company for us)


7) to have; invite company (we enjoy having company)

gathering of persons

8) to keep company with

9) mixed company (don't use that word in mixed company)

10) (colloq.) bad, fast company ('reckless, wild associates') (he runs around in/with fast company)

11) present company ('those present') (present company excepted)

12) in company (to behave appropriately in company; in company with smb.)


13) to manage, operate, run a company

14) to establish, form a company

15) a finance; holding; insurance; investment; joint-stock; shipping; transport (esp. BE), transportation company

16) an opera; repertory (esp. BE), stock (AE); theatrical company

17) (BE) a (public) limited company (AE prefers corporation)

18) a company fails, goes bankrupt

fire-fighting unit

19) an engine, hose; ladder company

* * *
form a company
goes bankrupt
infantry company
ladder company
run a company
theatrical company
to seek smb. 's company
transportation company
stock (AE)
repertory (esp. BE)
transport (esp. BE)
fast company (he runs around in/with fast company; 'reckless, wild associates')
invite company (we enjoy having company)
(colloq.) bad
['associates'] ['association'] ['gathering of persons'] to keep company with
['companionship'] to keep (smb.) company
['fire-fighting unit'] an engine
['firm'] to manage
['guests'] to have
a cannon
a finance
a company fails
an opera
to deploy
to establish
to establish
to part company with
(BE) a (public) limited company (AE prefers corporation)
['military unit consisting of several platoons'] to command a company (a captain commands a company)
mixed company (don't use that word in mixed company)
present company (present company excepted; 'those present')
(good) company for (the children were good company for us)
in company (to behave appropriately in company; in company with smb.)

Combinatory dictionary. 2013.

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